DIY Flower Box (Starter Kit)

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DIY Flower Box (Starter Kit)

  • $69.90

Comprising of:

3 x Kenya Red Rose  

with an assortment of Ruscus Leaves, Yellow and Purple Caspias, Eucalyptus Leaves and Dried Wheat Grass 

2 x Plastic Bag  

2 x Craft Wrapper  

2 x Ribbon  

2 x Cotton Wool  

2 x Sticker  

1 x Fairy Lights  


Only in this pack 

1 x Floral Scissor  

1 x Dethroner  

1 x Penknife  

1 x Ribbon Scissors  

1 x Scotch Tape Roller  


Head over to our YouTube channel linked below to find out more about this DIY Flower Box 

YouTube Video